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Likno Web Modal Windows Builder Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Likno Web Modal Windows Builder

Likno Web Modal Windows Builder is a powerful jQuery interface (GUI) for creating stylish and feature-rich javascript popup windows/dialogs for your web pages, with minimal effort and coding.
$75 期限切れ
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Likno Web Modal Windows Builder< のgiveaway は 2011年3月16日

本日の Giveaway of the Day
本日 無料提供

“modal window” はページコンテントの上部へ新しく追加したレイヤー部分を表示する便利なツールで、Windows interface (GUI) 上で利用できmodal window/ダイアログ、HTML ウインドーポップアップなどを作成: html ウインドー, html ポップアップ, jQuery ポップアップ, modal ポップアップ, modal ダイアログ, jQuery modal, javascript modal, CSSポップアップなど

いろいろな HTML ウインドーポップアップをサポートし、スライドショー、AJAX modal ウインドー、開閉効果, カラー、フラッシュ、ビデオ、イメージギャラリー、フィルム形式表示、自動プレー、自動ページ開閉など!


  • パワフルなインターフェース;
  • テキスト、HTMLコード、イメージ、ビデオ、フラッシュまたは jQuery ダイアログをページ全体として表示;
  • ユニバーサル: Dreamweaver, Expression Webなど、またCMS ぷラットフォーム (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpressなど);
  • カスタマイズ化されたスタイルや Modal Windows;
  • 複数の HTML ウインドーを同じページで表示
  • AJAX modalsとAJAX windows;
  • 詳細はこちらへ

Likno Software はLikno Web Modal Windows Builder 通常価格 ($75) をフルバージョンんのライセンス購入者に10%割引で提供。 Likno User Areaアカウントでメインメニューへ行き、 "Upgrade License" リンクをクリックすると10%割引が追加。 "Giveaway of the Day" ライセンスは現在バージョンのみでアップグレードのオプションなし。


Windows XP/ Vista/ 7


Likno Software




6.23 MB



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Developed by Microsoft
Developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated
A cross-platform C++ development environment.
Developed by Microsoft

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I enjoy it! This will definitely help my in my
2014 objective.

回答   |   about luke bryan  –  9 years ago  –  このコメントは役に立ちましたか? はい | いいえ (0)

REPLY to "Comment by teoBB — March 16th, 2011 at 3:48 am"

Hello Teo,

This is Suzan from Likno Software team. Do not worry about the "personal usage" note, it is just a standard note applied by GOTD to all its offerings.

There is absolutely no problem with using this free license for business usage (in customer websites, etc.)! So, no problems here.

For any other issue, you may also email us directly at support [AT] likno [DOT] com.

Suzan Doyle
Likno Software team
Powerful menus, trees, buttons, tabs, modals, tooltips, accordions, designs for your websites

Likno Software  –  12 years ago  –  このコメントは役に立ちましたか? はい | いいえ (+75)

Hello all,

This is Suzan from Likno Software team, we hope you will enjoy working with our software!

The last 10 years we try our best to provide top quality and support to our customers, so if you experience any problems or difficulties please let us know so that we improve our software.

You may email us directly at support [AT] likno [DOT] com.

Now, a note why create an online Likno account and why use your real email address: You will be able to use the 10% DISCOUNT OFFER if you decide to purchase Likno Web Modal Windows Builder in the future (and get updates/support) through your online account.

Thank you and we hope you like our software (you can also review all our web-related software on our website: http://www.likno.com)

Suzan Doyle
Likno Software team
Powerful menus, trees, buttons, tabs, modals, tooltips, accordions, designs for your websites

Likno Software  –  12 years ago  –  このコメントは役に立ちましたか? はい | いいえ (+63)

This Installed very quick and easy on Windows XP Pro/ sp3. No Issues With Avira / malwarebytes or super anti-spyware.
registration was a breeze even at 6:30am(est)and half asleep. You Do have To open An account BUT This is a good thing.
because if you need to reinstall for what ever reason you can. Just Log into your Likno Account and your key and every thing else you need is there even the .exe for download.
After Install The File sits at 14.87MB on your drive. The program can be a little overwhelming at first if you are not use to this type of software but with a hour or two of playing with it you should catch on fairly quickly. The price Of $75.00 is not unreasonable for design software. As Most of us know design software CAN get VERY expensive.( up to hundreds Or thousands of dollars) So This is a good mid range price in my opinion.

It is nice to see the developer on here answering questions that we ask. This is a plus in my books, It shows that you are not just a cc number to them. More developers should take the time to keep track of the comments that we make and provide feed back.
Great Job Suzan on your quick responses :) And To let every body use for commercial purpose Is a added plus. This is a keeper!
Thanks very much Likno Software & GOTD Team

Rob  –  12 years ago  –  このコメントは役に立ちましたか? はい | いいえ (+36)

Sorry...says LiknoWebModalWindowsBuilder.dll is missing when I click on HELP and then Enter Activation Code. I reinstalled three times..same thing. I am using Windows 7 and installed as Administrator. I even Took ownership of the installation folder. No dice. Either I stood in the Train Line instead of the Brain line. Help Please

mikeylikesu  –  12 years ago  –  このコメントは役に立ちましたか? はい | いいえ (+35)

REPLY to "Comment by mikeylikesu — March 16th, 2011 at 3:49 am"

Hello Mike,

This is Suzan from Likno Software team.

The Activation Form has a strong anti-crack protection and this may cause some antivirus or other “security” software to interfere with it (“false positive”).

This is even more possible if you have a free antivirus (such as Avira) which tends to produce more false-positives.

In your case, please do the following:

1) Temporarily disable your antivirus (or other security software) including any “auto-protect” feature. Do not worry about our application, it is definitely "virus free" (tested and verified).

2) Re-install Likno Web Modal Windows Builder.

3) Activate it.

4) Add the two files under the "Res" folder (within the installation folder) to the "white-list" of your antivirus.

5) Enable your antivirus again.

Thanks and sorry for the problem in your particular PC configuration. It appears that some "false positives" exist on specific antiviruses (and versions) only, that cause this inconvenience only during setup (no problems afterwards).

You may also email us directly at support [AT] likno [DOT] com.

Suzan Doyle
Likno Software team
Powerful menus, trees, buttons, tabs, modals, tooltips, accordions, designs for your websites

Likno Software  –  12 years ago  –  このコメントは役に立ちましたか? はい | いいえ (+30)

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