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Blu-ray Player for Mac and PC 2.1 Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Blu-ray Player for Mac and PC 2.1

Mac Blu-ray Player is the first universal media player for Mac&PC in the world.
$69.95 期限切れ
ユーザーの評価: 792 6 コメント

Blu-ray Player for Mac and PC 2.1< のgiveaway は 2012年5月12日

本日の Giveaway of the Day
本日 無料提供
どこからでも、あらゆるデバイスからリモート デスクトップまたはラップトップを制御します。

Mac Blu-ray Player は
初めてのユニバーサル・プレーヤーでメディアを Mac と PC でサポート。

特別な機能 AirXにより Mac Blu-ray Playerは iPhone/iPad/iPod で簡単にBlu-ray をプレーバック。素晴らしい非暗号化機能で簡単なインターフェースを提供。Blu-ray HD もサポート。

テクニカルサポートは、また50%のアップグレードを割引コードは: 4GOTD50C,こちらでMac Blu-ray Playerまたは Blu-ray Player for PC はこちらでどうぞオ!
Note: The coupon will expire on May 21st, 2012

Mac OSユーザーはインストレーション・マニュアルを こちらで (file size: 26.9 MB)


Windows XP/ Vista/ 7; Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz processor or equivalent AMD Athlon processor or higher; 512 MB or higher; 250 MB of free disk space


Macgo International




34.2 MB



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外付けBDドライブは買わなきゃだけど… メモメモ。

回答   |   青森  –  11 years ago  –  このコメントは役に立ちましたか? はい | いいえ (0)


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回答   |   sakaki  –  11 years ago  –  このコメントは役に立ちましたか? はい | いいえ (0)

Mac Blu-ray Playerは初めてブルーレイをあなたのMac&Windowsに対応しましたのマルチプレーヤーソフトである。同時に、初なるプラグインが一切不要のMac再生アプリケーションソフトでもあります。「Mac Blu-ray Player」を使えば、市買でお買えたBlu-ray・ブルーレイ ISOタイトルの映画などを直接再生できます。同時に、DVD・MP4・FLV・MKV・MP3などの人気の動画・音声・画像ファイル形式も対応する。

回答   |   Macgo Inc.  –  11 years ago  –  このコメントは役に立ちましたか? はい | いいえ (0)

Dear Users,
Mac Blu-ray Player plays any Blu-ray, DVD discs or ISO files, and any other media for Mac & PC. It is the first and the best Blu-ray player software worldwide. To celebrate one-year anniversary of Mac Blu-ray Player, we cooperate with GOTD to launch this giveaway again.

There is a quick start guide for Mac Blu-ray Player:
●Please Download the Zip Package from GOTD and extract it.
●Choose the right version and install according to your OS requirement (Mac or PC).
●Open “readme.txt” from your unzip file, copy the right registration information to register your software.

If you will like the program, please consider purchasing it to enjoy official upgrade and support. There is a 50% off coupon (Coupon Code: 4GOTD50C) that is valid until May 21st, 2012. (Purchase from Mac: http://goo.gl/QiXEt PC: http://goo.gl/qezBj )

More information and tutorials about How to play Blu-ray on Mac Blu-ray Player, please visit our website: http://www.macblurayplayer.com

Thank you for your time reading this!

Macgo  –  11 years ago  –  このコメントは役に立ちましたか? はい | いいえ (+230)

Of course you will need to have a blu ray player to begin with so this is not going to be useful for me today.

anon5150  –  11 years ago  –  このコメントは役に立ちましたか? はい | いいえ (+48)

I download this Mac Blu-ray player and it worked well on my Mac, so I am very glad to be here to tell all the other Mac users it really a ideal tool for the Blu-ray discs as well as other DVD, CD and other formats. It also could be used on the windows, which sounds good news to all Blu-ray fans. Let's communicate on line by then through its ' share" function. Pretty good.

WilliammGreenn  –  11 years ago  –  このコメントは役に立ちましたか? はい | いいえ (+47)

@ #3. So In the 30 minutes or so that this offer has been up...YOU have - quote - I have test several genuine Blu-ray discs, Avatar, Ironman, The Matrix and Transformer serial. - unquote. AND quote - I have tested DVD either. It also made a good performance though it’s difficult to eject the disc sometimes - unquote. AND quote - so I have tested it on my iPhone 4s and iPad 2 - unquote AND YOU managed to do all this "testing" in - quote Now I can enjoy the Blu-ray movies while bathing or lying in my bed just by it - unquote.

YOU did ALL that testing in just a few minutes !!! ???? Even though the software - quote - it takes a while to load - unquote...WOW !!! Eighter this is the GREATEST and FASTEST and MOST advanced human interface software EVER or you are a liar.

How did this software enable you to watch Avatar in just a few minutes? Nah, a few seconds as you state you watched several movies in just a few minutes...!!!???

Nofool  –  11 years ago  –  このコメントは役に立ちましたか? はい | いいえ (+41)

It is very kind of GOTD to provide such a useful utility. After testing, I realized it's a practical assistant. It can really play Blu-ray discs on Mac OS. Follow its tutorial, I have test several genuine Blu-ray discs, Avatar, Ironman, The Matrix and Transformer serial. All of them goes well on my Mac. Ultrafast speed, lifelike picture, splendid audio quality and easy navigation brings a cinema-like video entertainment. By the way, I have tested DVD either. It also made a good performance though it's difficult to eject the disc sometimes.
This app claims its new function AirX can make Blu-ray viewable on mobile devices, so I have tested it on my iPhone 4s and iPad 2 and they worked indeed. I'm very fond of it. With it, I needn't to sit before computer to watch Blu-ray any more. Now I can enjoy the Blu-ray movies while bathing or lying in my bed just by it. That's terrific! By the way, it takes a while to load, is it caused by network? Any way, it's a worthwhile app for blu-ray playing and you can have a try.

gorgerang  –  11 years ago  –  このコメントは役に立ちましたか? はい | いいえ (+39)

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