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Unlimited Filters Basic 1.2.2 (Win&Mac) Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Unlimited Filters Basic 1.2.2 (Win&Mac)

$25.00 期限切れ
ユーザーの評価: 30 (47%) 34 (53%) コメントを残す

Unlimited Filters Basic 1.2.2 (Win&Mac)< のgiveaway は 2017年4月14日

本日の Giveaway of the Day
本日 無料提供
The Umbrella 1 最高かつ最速のブラウザアプリです。

なに大人気の"look"の写真を用いたスマートフォンアプリです。 ほとんどのこれらのアプリが限度であり、使用可能なフィルタが用意されております。 いをこれらの境界線は無制限する事が出来ます。 てにおいて制限するかまたはフィルタリングする使用します。 パソコンでも知っている形式を使用するフィルターを保存します。 で普通であるパプアニューギニアまたはTIFなっています。

  • 作成できるフィルほとんどの画像編集プログラム
  • ることを共有できるので、コピーしていただ
  • ることで簡単に抽出やコピーしてからお好みの申請
  • トル中で中立的なフィルターを含むすべての色において、あらゆるレベルの明るさが飽和します。 を編集できますこのフィルター自身で、ソフトウェアのようにPhotoshopには、Gimpやその他のフィルタアプリです。 ちのいくつかを紹介しましょう編集の可能性

    基本バージョン:デスクトップフィルターの支援とな3D LUTの輸出します。

    MACユーザーにダウンロードできるパッケージの こちら

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    Win XP or newer; Mac OSX 10.7 or newer


    Picture Instruments




    58.3 MB



    コメント Unlimited Filters Basic 1.2.2 (Win&Mac)

    Thank you for voting!
    Please add a comment explaining the reason behind your vote.

    Maybe I'm missing something, but where are the filters?? All I am seeing is the ability to make very simple adjustments in things like hue & saturation -- colors, basically! "Color adjustments" vs. the "filters" we've all grown to know and love. With a claim of "Unlimited filters" I would expect more than sepia and black & white, and way less instruction on how to save a sepia "filter" for later use, and oh, for sharing (ha! really?). Even Irfanview does all this. There's the free (and simple) Photoscape. There's Fotor. There's a plethora of free and easy online sites, web apps and mobile apps to do these incredibly simple photo maneuvers and SO much more.

    $25? For color adjustments? And what, pray tell, do you get in the $75 pro version? Again, my apologies if there's some amazing, unique and must-have feature this program comes with, but if there is, maybe show it?

    Whisperly  –  3 years ago  –  このコメントは役に立ちましたか? はい | いいえ (+48)

    Whisperly, Thank you for your comment. You said all I need to know to not bother to download and install this program.

    William W Gorman Jr  –  3 years ago  –  このコメントは役に立ちましたか? はい | いいえ (+17)

    There was enough disagreement about this program that I decided to try it out. I shoot a lot of photos and use Photoshop a lot, although I don't use "filters" much at all, so I wanted to see if it would make using filters easier or better.

    Program setup: Downloading took about four minutes (i3 3.7Ghz, Chrome, Win10 Home, 100mb connection). Installed 64-bit version. Registered as per instructions. Key was sent to my email, BUT -- gmail put it in the SPAM folder! Entered key into program, it was accepted first time, program ran fine.

    Using program: It starts up, and one has no idea where to start. There are no "tool tips" or anything to help you get started. The two biggest icons at the top are of no use - the first one is to "save a filter you've created." Well THAT's getting ahead of ourselves! The second is to IMPORT a filter, but - what does this program consider a FILTER? Where would I IMPORT it from?

    Finally I figured out how to load a jpg, so I did. Then I could apply the simple little filters in the right-hand panel of the program. That's as far as I could get without resorting to instructions. So it's off to look at the video tutorial on this page.

    Hmmm. The first 2:28 of the tutorial are rather vague, and don't really explain anything. At 2:29, it really goes downhill. It says "As an example, open a filter in Photoshop." WHAT filters? Although I understand Photoshop pretty well, use layer masking, etc., I could not follow what they were getting at. They say the filters have to change color, brightness or saturation, so they can't mean all the built-in filters that Photoshop has. I don't know where they expect you to get these "filters" they're talking about.

    Okay, then the tutorial mentions "downloading filters from their website." Where's that? Nothing seems to mention the URL, not in the program and not anywhere on this page. Visiting their website (www.picture-instruments.com), I could find NO MENTION of this collection of filters - at least not after about five minutes of hunting around.

    And so that was that. Bottom line: I have to agree with the folks who said this program is a waste of time. It is. Totally.

    If someone wants to experiment with filters, they would be infinitely better off using the "Nik" filters that are available free and can be used as plugins in Photoshop. They install in minutes and are then available from the "Filter" menu in Photoshop - you know, kind of where you'd expect them to be. And they have so many controls (local control as well), there's no need to spend time creating your own custom filters, unless your needs are very advanced. Available here: (https://www.google.com/nikcollection)

    Rob  –  3 years ago  –  このコメントは役に立ちましたか? はい | いいえ (+33)

    installed OK on my 7 64b , key arrived quickly.
    Only after browsing the manual PDF, I understood the concept of this GOTD.
    It lacks key feature with this version, one can't move the vignette centered position.

    adif  –  3 years ago  –  このコメントは役に立ちましたか? はい | いいえ (+25)

    Sadly when you download it is only for Windows, not MAC

    Andreas  –  3 years ago  –  このコメントは役に立ちましたか? はい | いいえ (-30)

    Andreas, Mac download is below the software description.

    Alexa Bennett  –  3 years ago  –  このコメントは役に立ちましたか? はい | いいえ (+22)

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